Our Story

Westerra Homes was started with the vision of building a limited number of custom and energy-efficient homes per year. The reason we only build a limited number of homes is to be able to offer you (our future homeowners) the time and attention required for you to turn our suggested floor plan into your dream home, customized to meet your lifestyle, with your finishing preferences. In addition, we care about the environment, the energy future of your home and the energy future of generations to come. Since the beginning of Westerra, all our homes have been built to meet the Energy Star standard and in fact we regularly exceed that standard because we keep improving the energy-efficiency of the homes we build.

Tarion Certified, Energy Star Certified, Custom Home Builders since 2007.
We have built over 110 custom homes in Eastern Ontario.
We are proud of our legacy and everything we do.

When you buy a custom home with us, trust and know that you will have a best-in-class quality home, finished to fit your lifestyle your way, in only 150 days.

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